This service is for Network Managers who need independent confirmation that the network is in good health, or feel that something is not quite right and need a second opinion.

We deliver the very best advice. With more than thirty years of experience in network trace analysis, we are trusted advisors to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Advantage to You

Our analytics platform analyses your packet data to determine:

  • The headroom in your network
  • Underlying problems that could impact performance and stability in the future
  • Opportunities to optimise the TCP/IP stack

With the insight we provide, you can:

  • Improve service levels
  • Avoid future performance or stability issues
  • Avoid a new application overloading the network
  • Accurately target upgrades to maximise the ROI

We cover all packet trace file formats.

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How it Works

It's very simple. You collect network packet data from the interface to your WAN, Fibre, VPN or Internet access circuit. Login to our service portal, answer some simple questions to provide context, and upload the data to our secure analysis platform. Automated triage tools check the data quality and quote a price. You accept the quote and pay for the project. Our automated analysis tools then process the data and the results are reviewed by an expert engineer. The engineer liaises with you before reporting the findings, conclusions, evidence and actionable recommendations. Above all, the service is fast, secure and accurate.

Metrics and Information

Our report includes critical metrics and information:

  • Bandwidth demand
  • Top Talkers
  • Top Conversation
  • Packet loss
  • Error rates
  • Latency and jitter
  • Response times
  • TCP/IP stack performance

More Information

FAQs - a page to answer your questions

Security Policy - how we keep your data secure

Terms & Conditions - a page with the legals and NDA commitment